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The Best Live Albums website is now getting very large so it’s important that you can find your way around easily.

I use five ways to help you to find the best live albums:

  1. The best live albums polls where readers can vote for their favourite live recordings.
  2. I use a clever bit of software that lets me bring in reviews from Amazon on the pages for the individual live albums
  3. Readers are encouraged to leave their own lists of best live albums and comments about individual albums
  4. I have summarised some of the main lists of best albums from critics and general polls
  5. Finally I have my own rating system out of 30 with 10 points awarded for:
    Set List;
    Atmosphere, authenticity, sound quality.
    Anything from a rating of 24 upwards is a recommendation while 23 and below suggests that you should exercise caution unless you’re an avid fan.

There are many more live albums than I expected and, to meet my goals, I am struggling with the dual problems of depth and width. I can tell you more about a few albums or less about more albums.

Paul’s Ratings For The Best Live Albums

This means that I’ve not rated as many albums as I’d have expected but here are what I have so far:

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