Live Albums I Played In March 2018

My binge on jazz ended slightly earlier in February than I expected and I’ve continued to spread myself around the different categories.

Art Rock

  • David Bowie Nassau Colosseum 1976


  • Luther Allison Where Have You Been?
  • Hound Dog Taylor Beware Of The Dog

Classic Rock

  • Bob Seger Live Bullet
  • Bruce Springsteen Cleveland 1978
  • Bruce Springsteen Nassau Colosseum 1980
  • Steely Dan Alive In America
  • Steely Dan Live In Concert 2000

Hard Rock

  • Thin Lizzy Live And Dangerous
  • Whitesnake The Purple Tour

Indie Rock

  • The Cure Bestival Live 2011


  • Thelonious Monk Live At The IT Club

Prog Rock

  • Traffic The Last Great Traffic Jam
  • Yes Yessongs

Singer Songwriters

  • Neil Young Time Fades Away

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