Magnolia Boulevard New Illusion EP

If you are a fan of the Tedeschi Trucks Band, you need to hear this EP from a great new band called Magnolia Boulevard.

Sadly TTB have been quiet this year but this does very nicely, thank you.

The Songs On New Illusion

There are just four songs on it:

  1. Ride 3:20
  2. Lovin’ Me 5:01
  3. Smooth Sailin’ 5:21
  4. Sister 4:23

The band only has five members so it’s smaller sound that TTB without the backing singers, brass section etc but the singer, Maggie Noelle sounds extraordinarily similar to Susan Tedeschi, the lucky woman because Tedeschi is a terrific blues/soul/rock singer. She also plays rhythm guitar.

The Derek Trucks of the band is Gregg Erwin and whilst I won’t claim he’s as good as Derek, because I don’t have the expertise to assess them fairly, I really like what he does. Completing the band are John Roberts on bass, Ryan Allen on keyboards and Todd Copeland playing the drums.

This is a tough time for new bands who probably thrive on live performances. I really hope this band are working on their first full length album, because I’m buying it without any hesitation.

Treat yourself by getting it from or

Magnolia Boulevard On YouTube

Fortunately all four songs on the EP have been posted as videos on YouTube for you to enjoy.


Lovin’ Me

Smooth Sailin’


I told you it was good – Treat yourself by getting it from or

There are also a bunch of live videos for you to watch where you can see that they do the traditional thing of extending their songs in a concert.


Smooth Saiin’

Here is Sister live

And a few songs not on the EP


Strong Willed Women

I’m hoping for big things from this band.

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