Television The Blow Up 1978

The Blow Up is a live album recorded by Television in 1978 with songs from Marquee Moon and Adventure.

Television The Blow Up

Television The Blow Up

The Set List

Disc 1:

  1. The Blow-Up – 4:00
  2. See No Evil – 3:22 (Marquee Moon)
  3. Prove It – 5:00 (Marquee Moon)
  4. Elevation – 4:50 (Marquee Moon)
  5. I Don’t Care – 3:04 (Adventure)
  6. Venus De Milo – 3:31 (Marquee Moon)
  7. Foxhole – 5:04 (Adventure)
  8. Ain’t That Nothin’ – 6:13 (Adventure)
  9. Knockin’ On Heavens Door – 7:50 (cover of the Bob Dylan song)

Disc 2:

  1. Little Johnny Jewel – 14:56 (Television’s first single and added to Marquee Moon as a bonus)
  2. Friction – 5:01 (Marquee Moon)
  3. Marquee Moon – 14:45 (Marquee Moon)
  4. Satisfaction – 7:18 (cover of the Rolling Stones song)

Marquee Moon is a terrific album and Television couldn’t go wrong basing their set around it. However two of my favourite tracks from the album – Guiding Light and Torn Curtain – aren’t featured on The Blow Up or Live At The Old Waldorf which is a shame.


This is a rough, tough performance that is more punk than Television appear on either of their 1970s albums. Marquee Moon and Adventure, despite the long solos. Yes, just as you’d hope, the lead guitars of Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd dominate the record.

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What Do You Think Of The Blow Up?

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Given the cult appeal of Television and the status of Marquee Moon, I’m surprised that The Blow Up or the Live At The Old Wardorf album don’t appear on the greatest live albums lists.

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