The Pretty Things Rockin’ The Garage 1992

Rockin’ The Garage is a live album by The Pretty Things & Friends.

In December 1992, Phil May and Dick Taylor of The Pretty Things joined together with members of the Inmates and Matthew Fisher, who used to play with Procol Harum to pay tribute to 1960’s garage rock.

The Pretty Things Rockin' the Garage


Songs On The Pretty Things Rockin’ the Garage

He’s Waitin’ – 2:43
Strychnine – 2:17
Pushing Too Hard – 2:24
Kicks – 3:04
Candy – 2:20
Louie Louie – 3:26
96 Tears – 2:59
Let’s Talk About Girls – 3:20
Sometimes Good Guys Don’t wear White – 2:44
I’m A Man – 3:20
Red River Rock – 3:15
Midnight To 6 Man ’93 – 3:16

Raw, basic and exciting. This is rocky R&B to get excited about and it’s going to make you want to move.

My only beefs are that the album is so short at just 35 minutes that it leaves you wanting much more and the idealist principle that I really want a recording from the late 1960s with this sound quality. This is proof that you can’t have it all but it doesn’t stop it from being a great listening experience.


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