The Rolling Stones Stripped 1995

Stripped is the album by The Rolling Stones which is their equivalent on an “Unplugged” album which were so popular in the mid 90s.

It was recorded in 1995 and comes from some small gigs and some “live in the studio” recordings.

It sounds very different from the guitar heavy version of The Rolling Stones that blazes away on Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out and Brussels Affair.

The Rolling Stones Stripped Overall Rating – 24/30

The Rolling Stones Stripped

The Rolling Stones Stripped Set List Rating – 8/10

  1. Street Fighting Man – 3:41 (live) (from Beggars Banquet)
  2. Like a Rolling Stone – 5:39 (live) (first time recorded by the Stones)
  3. Not Fade Away – 3:06 (live in the studio) (single)
  4. Shine a Light – 4:38 (live) (Exile on Main St)
  5. The Spider and the Fly – 3:29 (live in the studio) (originally the B side of the Satisfaction single)
  6. I’m Free – 3:13 (live in the studio) (Out of Our Heads)
  7. Wild Horses – 5:09 (live in the studio) (Sticky Fingers)
  8. Let It Bleed – 4:15 (live) (Let It Bleed)
  9. Dead Flowers – 4:13 (live) (Sticky Fingers)
  10. Slipping Away – 4:55 (live in the studio) (Steel Wheels)
  11. Angie – 3:29 (live) (Goats Head Soup)
  12. Love in Vain – 5:31 (live in the studio) (Let It Bleed)
  13. Sweet Virginia – 4:16 (live in the studio) (Exile on Main St)
  14. Little Baby – 4:00 (live in the studio) (first time recorded by the Stones)

A very good set list from the Mick Taylor days with two songs from each of Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main St. The focus is on many of the lesser known songs so there’s no Brown Sugar, Midnight Rambler or Tumbling Dice.

This gives the album a freshness that some of the other live albums don’t have.

This is the first time the Stones have covered a Bob Dylan song and it had to be Like a Rolling Stone.

The Rolling Stones Stripped Performance Rating – 8/10

There have been plenty of Stones live albums but Stripped has a unique sound rather than appearing like an imitation of the glory days in the early 1970s.

It’s not completely acoustic throughout but the emphasis is on an acoustic blues approach.

The Stones sound intrigued and invigorated by the idea of Stripped although it inevitably loses some of the frantic energy you’d associate with the group.

Angie and Wild Horses sound particularly soulful.

Here are some videos I found on YouTube for stripped to give you a great idea of what it was like to see and hear The Rolling Stones.

Shine A Light

Wild Horses


The Rolling Stones Stripped Atmosphere & Authenticity Rating – 8/10

I like this record but the very purpose is not to sound so much like The Rolling Stones. Newcomers to the group will get totally the wrong impression and should get Brussels Affair to hear what they sound like on a great night.

I also feel it’s a little bit of a cheat to include songs recorded live in the studio.

Total Rating For Stripped By The Rolling Stones – 24/30

Stripped was a chance for the Stones to reinvent themselves as an acoustic blues band and it works very well.

It wouldn’t be the first Rolling Stones album I’d buy but for fans who have the main studio and live albums, it is a treat.

What Others Say About Stripped

I haven’t seen this featured in any of the best live album lists – people go for the much more traditional sounding Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out.

The reviews at Amazon are very positive and show that this is a very good but not essential live album by The Rolling Stones.


Buying Stripped

It is available from

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