UFO Lights Out in Tokyo Live 1992

Lights Out in Tokyo Live is a live album and DVD by hard rock band UFO.

This was recorded in Japan in 1992.

UFO Lights Out in Tokyo Live

Songs On UFO Lights Out in Tokyo Live

1. Running Up The Highway
2. Borderline
3. Too Hot To Handle
4. She’s The One
5. Cherry
6. Back Door Man
7. One Of Those Nights
8. Love To Love
9. Only You Can Rock Me
10. Lights out
11. Doctor, Doctor
12. Rock Bottom
13. Shoot, Shoot
14. C’mon Everybody

The band at this stage was:

Phil Mogg – lead vocals
Laurence Archer – guitar
Pete Way – bass
Clive Edwards – drums


Buying Lights Out in Tokyo

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What do you think about this recording?

Is it one of the best live albums by UFO?

Newcomers to the band should start with Strangers In The Night from 1978 with the great Michael Schenker on lead guitar.


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