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My name is Paul Simister and I live in Birmingham, in the UK.

I love live albums because I find the performances much more compelling than the over-produced versions created in the recording studio.

My Day Job – Helping Small Business Owners To Make More Money

I help small businesses to stand out from their competitors so that it is easier to attract, convert and keep more customers and therefore, make more money.

I do this by providing advice and coaching to implement proven profit generating ideas online and offline.

You can find out more about my business from my blogs that are packed with ideas and tips:

Differentiate Your Business

Marketing Tips For Small Business

The Business Coaching Blog

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Planning & Control Solutions Ltd
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Telephone: 44 (0) 121 554 4057

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2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hey, love this site.

    90% of my music collection is live recorded music
    You have done an amazing job .. thank you so much for the effort and time.

    … but I have a question …

    When I throw in Pat Travers name, Lonestar comes out .. I’m a bit puzzled.

    One of my all time favorite concerts – King Biscuit Flower Hour presents The Pat Travers Band

    Thanks again for you work


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. It’s great to get feedback.

      I tried searching for Pat Travers as well and had the same result. I fear that I might have forgotten him which is a bit strange as I have Go For What You Know in my collection.

      I haven’t heard the King Biscuit Flower Hour album by him but I’ll readily admit that I like the rawness of these radio broadcast turned into albums. With a group released album, there is always the risk of too much cleaning up of the recording. I don’t think it should happen at all but I can understand the desire to take out really bad mistakes but some albums are rife with re-recordings of “live” parts. Thin Lizzy’s Live & Dangerous… I’m looking at you as a prime example. Even though it sounds great, it loses some authenticity.

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