Live Albums Polls

I want to get you involved in my mission to help people find and enjoy the best live recordings.

I have created a number of different polls for you to vote for your favourite live albums.

The more people who vote, the better and more reliable the information – please take part.

There are two different types of best live album poll – by music genre and by artist.

I struggle with the idea of having one best live album. It depends on my mood. Some days I want to listen to the blues or soul, other days I want something heavy. Most of the time I’m in the middle.

The Results to October 2014 (click on the links if you want to take a sneaky peak at the great taste the readers of the Best Live Albums Blog have)

This list of best live album polls will keep growing but this is what I have so far.

Best Live Albums By Music Genre

If there isn’t an active link, it means that I have created the poll but it hasn’t been published yet but it will be soon. The most popular polls have well over 100 people casting their votes.

Best Live Album Polls By Artists & Groups

Sometimes I expect the best live album by a group to be obvious because there is an absolute classic. Then I open the poll up to find out the second and third best live albums and I’ll do the same if the artist has been especially prolific. They are listed in alphabetical order (for individual artists, it’s the surname that is used so Jimi Hendrix is under H.)

Some of this artist/group polls have 100 or more people casting their votes but some are either new or not very popular and only have a handful or even no votes. If you know an artist well, please recommend the albums that you like best to help other readers.

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