What is The Best Be Bop Deluxe Live Album?

What is the best live album by guitar hero Bill Nelson and Be Bop Deluxe?

Be Bop Deluxe should have been huge and their career was gathering pace nicely in 1975 and 1976.

They recorded some very good (but not great) studio albums – Axe Victim, Futurama, Sunburst Finish and Modern Music.

Then came punk rock and their clever brand of art rock and instrumental prowess went badly out of fashion. Their next studio album, Drastic Plastic wasn’t a success as they changes style.

Be Bop Deluxe split up. Main man Bill Nelson recorded a very good studio album as Red Noise and then he went off to record electronic, ambient music.

They remain one of my favourite groups.

What Is Competing For The Best Be Bop Deluxe Album?

The obvious candidate is Live In The Air Age which was recorded on the Modern Music tour but curiously ignores all the tracks performed live from that album.

This flaw is corrected in the Be Bop Deluxe BBC In Concert recording from the same tour. This recording also forms the basis of the two BBC In Concert collection Tremulous Antenna with another concert from the Drastic Plastic tour. The BBC have also released the live in the studio John peel sessions on an album called Tramcar to Tomorrow.

In September 2013, the BBC released a 3 CD and 1 DVD boxset with the Peel radio sessions, the In Concert recordings and videos of the group performing live on the Old Grey Whistle Test and Sight And Sound In Concert. This is called Be Bop Deluxe at the BBC 1974 – 1978.

I’ve also included the Bill Nelson Live In Concert At Metropolis Studio 2011 which saw him rework some of the Be Bop Deluxe classic songs. If you haven’t heard this album and you’re a Be Bop Deluxe fan, then do yourself a big favour and, at the very least, listen to the mp3 samples.

What Is The Best Be Bop Deluxe Live Album?

There are not many to choose from so you only get one vote.

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Do You Agree With The Results So Far?

Let me know if you think my readers are getting it right. If not, why not?

The album that’s been in the lead for a long time is…

Be Bop Deluxe Live In The Air Age

I’m not surprised because this has been an old favourite that is rightly regarded as a classic. To be honest I’m frustrated that it hasn’t received a makeover with the missing Modern Music tracks added to it to make it a comprehensive summary of the group’s work up to 1976.

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