Deaf School Second Coming 1988

Deaf School are one of my “should have been huge” bands like City Boy from the mid seventies who were swept aside by the punk explosion.

Second Coming is a live album recorded in 1988 of a concert in their home city of Liverpool.

Deaf School Second Coming

Second Coming by Deaf School

Set List

  1. What A Way To End It All – 2.50 (from the album 2nd Honeymoon)
  2. Shake Some Action – 3.42
  3. Hi Jo Hi – 2.35 (2nd Honeymoon)
  4. Nearly Moonlit Night Motel – 4.07 (2nd Honeymoon)
  5. Taxi! – 4.06 (Don’t Stop The World)
  6. Ronnie Zamora – 3.26 (English Boys / Working Girls)
  7. Thunder and Lightning – 2.44 (English Boys / Working Girls)
  8. Blue Velvet – 2.16
  9. Princess Princess – 3.16
  10. I Wanna Be Your Boy – 3.51 (English Boys / Working Girls)
  11. Lines – 4.17
  12. Capaldi’s Cafe – 4.48 (Don’t Stop The World)
  13. 2nd Honeymoon – 5.15 (2nd Honeymoon)
  14. Final Act – 3.45 (2nd Honeymoon)

It’s a treat to find any videos of Deaf School performing live on YouTube.

Interview about reforming in 1988

Here is the group from early 1977 singing Taxi and What A Way To End It All.

Where’s The Weekend

Second Honeymoon

What A Way To End It All 2007

Shake Some Action 2007

Hi Jo Hi from January 2011 with a guest appearance by Suggs from Madness.

Sorry I don’t have any kind of review for this album. It’s on my wanted list but I’ve only seen it available second hand and it looks too short to pay a premium price. I remember from the time that they had a fantastic reputation as a live band but that may have been as much for their crazy stage antics as their music. This is a group with a sense of humour.

If you love quirky art rock, I can recommend Anthology which has all the songs from their first three studio albums and some radio sessions. If you want to give one album a try, I recommend 2nd Honeymoon.

Buying Deaf School Second Coming

This is quite hard to find at a reasonable price.

It may be available from

It wasn’t on iTunes when I checked but the studio albums were.

These links will help you get to the albums quickly and easily but I recommend that you still search for the best deal.

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Thanks to someone posting the poll on the Deaf School Facebook page, the album has received a lot of votes in the poll.

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