Be Bop Deluxe BBC In Concert 2nd October 1976

BBC In Concert 2nd October 1976 is a live concert broadcast by Be Bop Deluxe at the Hammersmith Odeon, London from the Modern Music tour.

It is one of a series of BBC in concert recordings that are available on Amazon.

Unfortunately they seem to be tucked away because it doesn’t appear on the Be Bop Deluxe page.

Their popular Live In The Air Age album was recorded on this tour but it didn’t feature any songs from Modern Music. This one does.

Two Be Bop Deluxe In Concert recordings have also appeared on another live album – Tremulous Antenna – but this is a new one or at least it has some different songs. There is also a Be Bop Deluxe In Concert recording from 15th January 1976 which I think is the basis for Tremulous Antenna but it seems to have been cut down.

Be Bop Deluxe BBC In Concert 2nd October 1976

Be Bop Deluxe BBC In Concert 2nd October 1976

Set List On The BBC In Concert 2nd October 1976

  1. Maid In Heaven – 2:59 (originally on Futurama)
  2. Bring Back The Spark – 3:40 (Modern Music)
  3. Kiss Of Light – 3:32 (Modern Music)
  4. Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape – 9:26 (Axe Victim)
  5. Fair Exchange – 4:51 (Sunburst Finish)
  6. Ships In The Night – 3:46 (Sunburst Finish)
  7. Twilight Capers – 4:38 (Modern Music)
  8. Modern Music (Medley) – 12:32 (Modern Music)
  9. Blazing Apostles – 12:00 (Sunburst Finish)

Because I think Sunburst Finish and Modern Music are the best studio albums by Be Bop Deluxe, I believe this has a better balanced set list Live In The Air Age although it’s sad to see Sister Seagull missing.

I couldn’t resist buying it when I saw Bring Back The Spark and a version of Blazing Apostle that’s nearly twice as long as the one on Live In The Air Age.

It’s a dynamic performance. Bill Nelson is in fine voice and his guitar blazes with the best of them.

There’s a roughness to these In Concert recordings that I like because they haven’t been edited and fixed up in the studio. It’s a live album that sounds like because it crackles with energy.

In Blazing Apostles in particular, Bill Nelson proves that he’s the guitar hero that you think he is as there’s an extended solo. You expect this in Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape but that’s gentle and atmospheric. Blazing Apostles rocks.

I’m biased because I think Be Bop Deluxe should have been a huge success. This was also the tour that I saw Be Bop Deluxe… in Hanley, Stoke On Trent I think or it may have been Wolverhampton.

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One thought on “Be Bop Deluxe BBC In Concert 2nd October 1976”

  1. Hey Paul,

    Stumbled across your comment about this one quite by accident, just like I stumbled across this show on Amazon. Have to agree about the feel here vs. Air Age, tho’ Air Age is clearly edited (note: saw the show at Winterland in San Francisco in ’76, joint was packed – BBD had a solid following here due to a couple of DJs on KSAN who knew their stuff when it came to music – show was amazing 37 years down the line and gawd knows how many shows since and I still have not forgotten it). Good point about live shows in general and one of the reason live bootlegs became and have remained popular if you were following a band. They were and are the unvarnished stuff.



    PS – and yes Be Bop Deluze should have been huge, but that’s the way it goes.

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