The Missing Great Live Albums

There are many more live albums released than I thought but there are some haven’t been released that I’d love to see archive recordings made available or existing live albums extended.

Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Deep Purple have set the example. Bruce Springsteen is now doing the same through his own website which has 1975, 1978 and 1980 full concerts available. The Rolling Stones have done it a bit.

Here are more that should do the same.

Al Green – Tokyo Live is very good but a concert from a decade early should be on fire.

Led Zeppelin – a concert from the tour that promotes Physical Graffiti

Pink Floyd – great concerts from the 1970s. The tracks from the 1974 Wembley concert are a great start but let’s have the encore Echoes made available.

R.E.M. – concerts with a large proportion of songs from Out Of Time and Automatic For The People.

The Rolling Stones – something from the Exile On Main Street tour

Roxy Music – Viva is very good but it’s crying out to be extended to make it the definitive live recording from the band in the early 1970s.

The Smiths – their only live album Rank could be great if they added the other songs that were played at the recorded concert including How Soon Is Now.

The Stone Roses – a concert from the early 1990s

U2 – an album from the Achtung Baby or Zooropa tours

The Who – a set list from the early 1970s with Who’s Next and Quadrophenia featured heavily instead of Tommy.

Bobby Womack – there’s too big a gap between Womack Live and Soul Sensation Live

Stevie Wonder – great concerts from the early to late 1970s focusing on Innovations, Talking Book, Songs In the Key Of Life

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    1. Thanks Gavin. I don’t remember anything about the Private Dicks when I used to listen to the John Peel Show as punk was emerging in 1976/77.

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