What Is The Best Southern Rock Live Album?

The answer may be obviously but I want to find out what you think is the best Southern rock live album.

What Is The Best Southern Rock Live Album?

I suspect that the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd albums are going to dominate this poll because they tend to be the first groups that most people think about.

Hopefuly your votes will help reveal some less well known classic live albums beyond The Allman Brothers At Fillmore East and Skynyrd’s One More From The Road.

While it is easy to stereotype southern rock as guitar heavy boogie rock, it’s an area of music that turns out to be more varied than you’d expect as it brings in the funk of Little Feat and the country influence of other groups.

To avoid filling the poll with albums from the most prolific of southern rock groups and drowning out the less well known names I have included what I hope to be the most important releases.

I also have separate polls for these southern rock groups – The Allman Brothers BandLittle FeatLynyrd Skynyrd

What Are The FIVE Best Southern Rock Live Albums Ever? (Click on the links to go to the reviews)

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Have I missed out any great Southern rock live albums? If so, let me know by leaving a comment and I’ll add it into the poll.

Why do you think your favourite album should win? What makes it so special?

My Thoughts On The Results So Far – October 2014

It’s a close battle for the top three positions between Live At Fillmore East by The Allman Brothers Band, One More From The Road by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Waiting For Columbus by Little Feat.

Lynyrd Skynyrd One More From The Road

The Allman Brothers band At Fillmore East

Waiting For Columbus by Little Feat

All of these are excellent and widely recognised as classic live albums. I’d be reluctant to be without any of these recordings which reveal the variety in southern rock. I have separate polls for the Allman Brothers,  Lynyrd Skynyrd and Little Feat to help you explore these bands in more detail.

Well below these three albums in temp of votes/recommendations received are another three albums – Live In Germany by ZZ Top, Bring It Back Alive by The Outlaws and Highway Song Live by Blackfoot.

ZZ Top Live In Germany 1980

Outlaws Bring It Back Alive

Blackfoot Highway Song Live

Three of my favourite bands with a southern connection are the Cate Brothers, the Marshall Tucker Band and the Derek Trucks Band/ Tedeschi Trucks.

With over 80 votes so far, I regard the poll as a clear recommendation for the top three albums but the order below them could change with a surge in support for a particular album or band.

The Top Five Best Southern Rock Live Albums (To October 2014)

  1. One More From The Road by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  2. Live At The Fillmore by The Allman Brothers Band
  3. Waiting For Columbus by Little Feat
  4. Live In Germany by ZZ Top
  5. Highway Song Live by Blackfoot
  6. Bring It Back Alive by The Outlaws

The last three were tied on the same number of votes.

My Best Live Albums Polls

I’ve had fun deciding what great bands should go into which genre and inevitably there are some grey area.

I’ve created the following polls and again your votes are very much appreciated.

My aim is to help you to find the best live albums through readers polls, my own reviews and from bringing in Amazon reviews.

You can see the complete list of readers polls at Live Album Polls.
Live Albums That I Recommend

We will see what happens with the readers poll on Southern rock but I suspect that these aren’t going to get the votes they deserve.



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  1. Marshall tucker where we all belong is one record live and one studio. The live album is incredible and had the great version of 24 hours at a time with Charlie Daniels in fiddle. It’s right up there as a great one

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