Widespread Panic Light Fuse Get Away 1997

Light Fuse Get Away is a live album by Widespread Panic.

It was recorded on tour in 1997. According to Wikipedia, well known jazz artist, Branford Marsalis plays saxophone on Pickin’ Up The Pieces and this was recorded on September 7, 1997 in Boston.

Widespread Panic Light Fuse Get Away

Songs On Widespread Panic Light Fuse Get Away

CD 1

Porch Song – 7:42
Disco – 4:23
Diner – 14:04
Wondering – 4:24
Love Tractor – 5:52
Pilgrims – 8:35
Space Wrangler – 9:00
Travelin’ Light – 5:51
Pickin’ up the Pieces – 5:30
Conrad – 9:01

CD 2

Papa Legba – 7:10
Rebirtha – 7:51
Rock – 6:33
Greta – 10:44
Barstools & Dreamers – 10:53
Impossible/Jam – 10:51
Drums – 6:25
Gimme – 6:01
Pigeons – 8:56

Members of Widespread Panic on this album are:

John Bell – guitar, vocals
Michael Houser – guitar, vocals
John Hermann – keyboards
Dave Schools – bass, percussion, vocals
Todd Nance – drums,percussion, vocals
Domingo S. Ortiz – percussion

This was the first live album to be released by Widespread Panic but since then, archive live recordings have been released including Huntsville 1996 and a single venue from the ’97 tour, Montreal 1997 from September 6.


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