The Marshall Tucker Band Way Out West! Live From San Francisco 1973

Way Out West was previously broadcast on the radio and captures The Marshall Tucker Band when they were lean and hungry. There’s a frantic energy shown here that is missing from later live recordings like Stompin’ Room Only.

The Marshall Tucker Band Way Out West! Live From San Francisco 1973

The Marshall Tucker Band Way Out West! Live From San Francisco 1973

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Set List

  1. Hillbilly Band – 4:05
  2. Another Cruel Love – 4:30
  3. Take The Highway – 8:10
  4. Can’t You See – 6:28
  5. See You Later, I’m Gone – 3:28
  6. Ramblin’ – 5:50
  7. Everyday (I Have The Blues) – 13:59
  8. 24 Hours At A Time – 8:28

I bought Stompin’ Room Only first and this only has three new tracks – Another Cruel Love, See You Later and Everyday I Have The Blues and five repeats. That’s likely to be a problem to causal Marshall Tucker Band fans.

It is a rocking, powerful performance from the band.

Here are the Marshall Tucker Band live in concert in 1973.

Can’t You See


Overall Assessment

I like the combination of flute, guitars and country based Southern rock and Stompin’ Room Only is one of my favourite albums in that category.

I feel that this is only for true fans of the band although more casual admirers (like me) might want to download the extra songs if they want to extend their MTB experience.

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