Molly Hatchet Double Trouble Live 1984

Double Trouble Live is a live album by hard rocking southern rock band Molly Hatchet.

It was recorded at concerts in Jacksonville, Florida and Dallas, Texas in 1984. It was released in 1985.

This is one of those irritating situations where the vinyl album has been reduced to fit conveniently onto one CD.

Molly Hatchett Double Trouble Live

Songs On Molly Hatchet Double Trouble Live

1. Whiskey Man
2. Bounty Hunter
3. Gator Country
4. Flirtin’ With Disaster
5. Stone in Your Heart
6. Satisfied Man
7. Bloody Reunion
8. Boogie No More
9. Free Bird
10. Dreams I’ll Never See
11. Edge of Sundown
12. Fall of the Peacemakers
13. Beatin’ the Odds

The songs lost during the transfer from vinyl to CD are Walk on the Side of the Angels and Walk with You which total about 8 minutes of music.


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