The Cate Brothers Live 1998

Live is a recording of southern soul and blues group The Cate Brothers in concert.

According to, it was recorded on the 23rd and 24th of October 1998. It was released in August 1999.

I saw the Cate Brothers perform In One Eye & Out The Other on the Old Grey Whistle Test on BBC2 in about 1976 and I was hooked by their sound.

I don’t understand why they aren’t much better known and much more popular.

The Cate Brothers Live

The Cate Brothers Live

Set List

Time Is A Thief (originally on the studio album Fire On The Tracks)
Careless Road
Are You Happy Now
In One Eye And Out The Other (In One Eye And Out The Other)
You Can’t Change My Heart (The Cate Brothers)
Where Can We Go
Baby Wants Inside
Give It To A Good Man
Union Man (The Cate Brothers)
I’m On Your Side
Steamy Windows
All Along The Watchtower -cover of the Bob Dylan song

Playing on the album are:

Ernie Cate Vocals, Keyboards
Earl Cate Guitar, Vocals
David Renko Saxophone, Vocals
John Davies Bass

Great singing. Great guitar playing.

A soulful feel laced with the South.

I will be writing a full review. Here are a couple of videos including the funky song that converted me into a long term fan of the Cate Brothers.

What Other People Say About The Cate Brothers Live

Very little. This is an overlooked gem for anyone who likes a combination of soul, blues, country and rock.


Buying The Cate Brothers Live

From the prices quoted on Amazon, it looks like the Cate Brothers Live has gone out of print and that suggests that if you want to buy this album, you should do it quickly before they go higher.

You try to get it from

 What Do You Think?

Do you like Cate Brothers Live?

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