The Eagles Hell Freezes Over 1994

Hell Freezes Over is the second live album by The Eagles featuring songs recorded for an MTV special and four new studio tracks.

Their first live recording was The Eagles Live.

The Eagles Hell Freezes Over

The Eagles Hell Freezes Over

Set List

Surprisingly the four new songs start the album. I think that’s a mistake but then I’m biased towards live music and I would have liked to have heard more from their concerts.

  1. Get Over It – 3:31 (new studio recording)
  2. Love Will Keep Us Alive – 4:03 (new studio recording)
  3. The Girl from Yesterday – 3:23 (new studio recording)
  4. Learn to Be Still – 4:28 (new studio recording)
  5. Tequila Sunrise – 3:28 (originally on the album Desperado)
  6. Hotel California – 7:12 (Hotel California)
  7. Wasted Time – 5:19 (Hotel California)
  8. Pretty Maids All in a Row – 4:26 (Hotel California)
  9. I Can’t Tell You Why – 5:11 (The Long Run)
  10. New York Minute – 6:37 (from the excellent Don Henley solo album The End Of The Innocence)
  11. The Last Resort – 7:24 (Hotel California)
  12. Take It Easy – 4:36 (The Eagles)
  13. In the City – 4:07 (The Long Run)
  14. Life in the Fast Lane – 6:01 (Hotel California)
  15. Desperado – 4:17 (Desperado)

Five of the eleven live songs come from Hotel California but the earlier classics like continue to be under-represented.


Better than The Eagles Live. It seems that the fourteen year “holiday” has done them good.

Top marks for experimenting with their most famous song Hotel California. It’s almost worth getting the album for this one track but you could settle for the mp3.

Atmosphere & Authenticity

The album loses marks for the four studio tracks that are OK but I resent them. I want more tracks from the albums before Hotel California.

It’s also recorded 18 years after their peak. I’d like to think that there was a live recording from 1975 or 76 with a few rough edges left on it that captured the real sound of The Eagles live.


I think it’s better than The Eagles Live.

I like The Eagles. It’s good to hear this album but it still isn’t essential. I think there’s better to come.

What Others Say About Hell Freezes Over

I haven’t seen it on the critics lists of best live albums ever.

The Eagles are much too popular to be be hip!

Amazon reviewers love it.


Buying Hell Freezes Over By The Eagles

To help you to find the album quickly and easily, I’ve given you the following links::

There is also a DVD version of Hell Freezes Over.

What Do You Think About Hell Freezes Over

Do you think this is one of the best live albums ever or do you agree with me, The Eagles could and should do better.

Is this the best live album by The Eagles?

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