Status Quo Live 1976

Live is the first live album by Status Quo, recorded at the Glasgow Apollo in October 1976 featuring the classic line up of the band.

I saw Quo in about 1977 so this captures the band very much as I remember them.

The sound is basic but the songs are endearing. I’ve got this playing in my car at the moment and I can’t stop playing CD 2 because it’s such a lot of fun.

In 2014 a boxset version of this album was released with two extra concerts, from Sydney, Australia in 1974 and Tokyo, Japan in 1974.

Status Quo Live

Status Quo Live - their first live album

Set List

Disc 1

  1. Junior’s Wailing (song originally on the album Ma Kelly’s Greasy Spoon)
  2. Backwater/Just Take Me (both songs on the album Quo)
  3. Is There a Better Way (Blue For You)
  4. In My Chair (Ma Kelly’s Greasy Spoon)
  5. Little Lady/Most Of The Time (both songs on the album On The Level)
  6. Rain (Blue For You)
  7. Forty-Five Hundred Times (Hello)

Disc 2

  1. Roll Over Lay Down (Hello)
  2. Big Fat Mama (Piledriver)
  3. Don’t Waste My Time (Piledriver)
  4. Roadhouse Blues (Piledriver – yes it is a cover of The Doors song)
  5. Caroline (Hello)
  6. Bye Bye Johnny (On The Level)

Because this is effectively the set list that I saw, I don’t mind the fact that earlier hits like Down Down and Paper Plane are missing or that it’s recorded before Quo recorded Rocking All Over The World and Whatever You Want.

CD2 is really terrific. Big Fat Mama was my favourite when I saw them and I’d never heard the song before. Caroline is Quo epitomised in one song. I’d bought a live version of Roll Over Lay Down and their covers of Roadhouse Blues and Bye Bye Johnny are a lot of fun.

Unfortunately CD1 isn’t so good. It establishes the chugga-chugga-chugga style of Status Quo which somehow makes you want to move your head up and down more than move your hips or tap your feet. I’ve no idea why. Unfortunately the songs aren’t as strong and casual fans may give up before they play CD2. That would be a waste.

There’s something about Status Quo and their simple boogie style which is very exciting when it works and dull when it doesn’t. Live captures them at peak form.

Some of the songs are extended by getting into the groove like a funk band rather than over-indulgent soloing like Led Zeppelin could do.

This CD captures the best known version of the band that recorded many of their seventies hits:

Francis Rossi – guitar, vocals
Rick Parfitt – guitar, vocals
Alan Lancaster – bass, vocals
John Coghlan – drums

Assisted by:

Andy Bown – keyboards
Bob Young – harmonica

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