Sad Cafe Live In Concert 1980

Sad Cafe Live In Concert is a live album by English rock band Sad Cafe, best known for their ballad Every Day Hurts.

It was recorded at the Apollo Theatre in Manchester over three nights in 1980.

Sad Cafe Live In Concert

Songs On Sad Cafe Live In Concert

Disc 1:

On With the Show – 6:47
Emptiness – 3:55
Strange Little Girl – 4:34
Hungry Eyes – 5:56
I Believe (Love Will Survive) – 4:15
La-Di-Da – 5:09
What Am I Gonna Do – 4:38
Keeping It from the Troops – 6:44
Every Day Hurts – 4:20
Take Me to the Future – 4:08
Feel Like Dying – 4:00
Immortal – 5:15
Restless – 6:34
My Oh My – 5:34

Disc 2:

Black Rose – 4:54
Bell Ends – 7:57
On With the Show ’79 – 6:10
Here Come the Clowns – 3:59
Flingus’ Holiday – 2:47
Time Is So Hard to Find – 3:41
Fanx Tara – 3:46
My Oh My ’79 – 5:10

I picked up on Sad Cafe from when their first studio album, Fanx Tara was released and I’ve always had a soft spot for them as under-rated except for “that song”.

Of course, in 1977 I was closely following punk and new wave by listening to the John peel show at night when I was supposed to be asleep. For some reason, as a hormone filled teenage lad, the cover caught my attention.

sad cafe fanx tara

What I discovered was an album packed with great power pop style tunes with jazz and funk influences which had little success. Over time, their sound mellowed on their studio albums but they remained a solid rock act when performing live.


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This excellent album has a nasty habit of being released and then withdrawn so you can find it released under different reference numbers.

It is available from

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