Crowded House Recurring Dream Live 1991 To 1994

When the Crowded House compilation Recurring Dream was first sold, there was the option of paying more to get a bonus CD of live recordings of the band.

Since there was no official live album, fans eagerly bought the double CD. Since then, we’ve had Farewell To The World, a recording from 1996 but I don’t play it as often as this one.

Crowded House Recurring Dream Live

Songs On Crowded House Recurring Dream Live

The contents of the first CD with the compilation of studio recorded songs is:

1. Weather With You
2. World Where You Live
3. Fall at Your Feet
4. Locked Out
5. Don’t Dream It’s Over
6. Into Temptation
7. Pineapple Head
8. When You Come
9. Private Universe
10. Not the Girl You Think You Are
11. Instinct
12. I Feel Possessed
13. Four Seasons in One Day
14. It’s Only Natural
15. Distant Sun
16. Something So Strong
17. Mean to Me
18. Better Be Home Soon
19. Everything Is Good for You

It is a well put together selection of songs but much more interesting is the bonus live CD.

There Goes God – 5:38
Newcastle Jam – 2:44
Love You ‘Till The Day I Die – 4:47
Hole In The River – 8:54
Private Universe – 4:56
Pineapple Head – 3:26
How Will You Go – 3:23
Left Hand – 3:14
Whispers And Moans – 4:43
Kill Eye – 3:19
Fingers Of Love – 5:02
Don’t Dream It’s Over – 4:03
When You Come – 7:26
Sister Madly – 6:45
In My Command – 4:23

I must admit that I like this combination of studio and live songs since it helps to fill in the gaps from the live recording like the classic Four Seasons in One Day.

This is very highly recommended.


Buying Crowded House Recurring Dream Live

You need to take care that you find the double CD with the live songs.

It may be available from

These links will help you get to the albums quickly and easily but I recommend that you still search for the best deal.

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