XTC Live In Concert 1980

XTC Live In Concert is a BBC1 Radio recording of the group performing in December 1980 while they were promoting the Black Sea studio album.

I remember XTC well as a quirky new wave group that rode the wave of interest in new bands created by punk rock. I also remember an intense performance on the Old Grey Whistle Test TV show.

Unfortunately they stopped touring in 1982 when promoting their next album, English Settlement. Singer and guitarist Andy Partridge suffered severely from stage fright and suffered a mental breakdown at a gig in Paris in March 1982.It seems that he had become addicted to valium and his wife through out his supply without any discussion or consideration of the effects of withdrawal.

Their live performances stopped and they developed into a more sophisticated studio band.

XTC Live In Concert

XTC Live In Concert

Set List

  1. Life Begins at the Hop – 3:55 (originally a single and added to Drums and Wires as a bonus)
  2. Burning With Optimism’s Flames – 4:24 (Black Sea)
  3. Love at First Sight – 3:10 (Black Sea)
  4. Respectable Street – 3:51 (Black Sea)
  5. No Language in Our Lungs – 4:59 (Black Sea)
  6. This Is Pop? – 2:49 (White Music)
  7. Scissor Man – 4:49 (Drums and Wires)
  8. Towers of London – 5:23 (Black Sea)
  9. Battery Brides – 7:18 (Go 2)
  10. Living Through Another Cuba – 3:29 (Black Sea)
  11. Generals and Majors – 4:28 (Black Sea)
  12. Making Plans for Nigel – 4:29 (Drums and Wires)
  13. Are You Receiving Me? – 3:18 (Go 2)

Seven of the thirteen tracks are from the Black Sea album which is probably the best of their early albums. Surprisingly it doesn’t include Sgt Rock which was their current single and one of their biggest hits in the UK. That is the price for fitting within the radio schedule.

Respectable Street

Life Begins At The Hop and Generals and Majors

Making Plans For Nigel

What Others Say About XTC Live

Another one undeservedly missing from the lists of great live albums.

At least it is appreciated at Amazon.


Buying XTC Live In Concert

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