The Clash Live At Shea Stadium 1982

Live at Shea Stadium is a live album by The Clash when they supported The Who at Shea Stadium in New York City in October 1982.

A previous live album by the by the group, From Here To Eternity had been well received but this was a compilation from many different concerts from 1977 to 1982.

The Clash Live At Shea Stadium

The Clash Live At Shea Stadium

Set List rating –

The big problem is that as a support act, the set has to be kept very short so there are plenty of great songs by The Clash that are missing.

  1. Kosmo Vinyl Introduction – 1:10 (Kosmo Vinyl was the manager of The Clash)
  2. London Calling – 3:29 (on the album London Calling)
  3. Police on My Back – 3:28 (cover of an Eddie Grant song)
  4. The Guns of Brixton – 4:06 (London Calling)
  5. Tommy Gun – 3:19 (Give ‘Em Enough Rope)
  6. The Magnificent Seven – 2:33 (Sandinista!)
  7. Armagideon Time – 2:55
  8. The Magnificent Seven (Return) – 2:23 (Sandinista!)
  9. Rock the Casbah – 3:21 (Combat Rock)
  10. Train in Vain – 3:45 (London Calling)
  11. Career Opportunities – 2:05  (on The Clash and Sandinista!)
  12. Spanish Bombs – 3:18 (London Calling)
  13. Clampdown – 4:26 (London Calling)
  14. English Civil War – 2:39 (Give ‘Em Enough Rope)
  15. Should I Stay or Should I Go – 2:44 (Combat Rock)
  16. I Fought the Law – 3:22 (single by The Clash included on the American version of their first album)

Five songs from the great album London Calling is good but there are a few songs missing that I’d be really disappointed not hear if I saw The Clash live. However we must recognise that this was a set for an American classic audience and not for |English punks who want to hear White Riot again.

I’m sorry to say that I don’t believe that The Clash have yet released the great live album that they deserve. I hope it’s in the vaults somewhere.

What Others Say About Live At Shea Stadium

From Here To Eternity is the album that appears on the best live albums ever lists but that’s partly because this wasn’t released until 2008, a small gap of 26 years after it was recorded. The Clash had lost much of its relevancy by then.

Amazon reviewers are broadly positive with 5 star reviews the most common rating.


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