Joy Division Still 1980

Still is a compilation of studio tracks by Joy Division and two concert recordings from at Birmingham and High Wycombe.

Confusingly, Amazon report the High Wycombe concert was on 13 July 1979 while Wikipedia go with 20 February 1980.

The Birmingham gig was the last before singer Ian Curtis killed himself.

Joy Division Still

Joy Division Still album cover

Set List

Disc one – Studio (tracks 1 to 9)and live at Birmingham University (11 to 20)

  1. Exercise One – 3:06
  2. Ice Age – 2:24
  3. The Sound of Music – 3:55
  4. Glass – 3:56
  5. The Only Mistake – 4:17
  6. Walked in Line – 2:47
  7. The Kill – 2:15
  8. Something Must Break – 2:48
  9. Dead Souls – 4:53
  10. Sister Ray (cover of the Velvet Underground song live at the Moonlight Club in London) – 7:36
  11. Ceremony  – 3:50
  12. Shadowplay  – 3:57 (Unknown Pleasures)
  13. Means to an End  – 4:01 (Closer)
  14. Passover – 5:10 (Closer)
  15. New Dawn Fades – 4:01 (Unknown Pleasures)
  16. Transmission – 3:40 (single)
  17. Disorder – 3:24 (Unknown Pleasures)
  18. Isolation – 3:05 (Closer)
  19. Decades – 5:47 (Closer)
  20. Digital – 3:52

Disc two – Live at High Wycombe Town Hall

  1. The Sound of Music
  2. A Means to an End (Closer)
  3. Colony (Closer)
  4. Twenty Four Hours (Closer)
  5. Isolation (Closer)
  6. Love Will Tear Us Apart (single)
  7. Disorder  (Unknown Pleasures)
  8. Atrocity Exhibition (Closer)
  9. Isolation (sound check) (Closer)
  10. The Eternal (sound check) (Closer)
  11. Ice Age (sound check)
  12. Disorder (sound check) (Unknown Pleasures)
  13. The Sound of Music (sound check)
  14. A Means to an End (sound check) (Closer)

With studio tracks, two concerts and a sound check, this is a strange mixture but for fans, every moment of Joy Division’s recordings are to be treasured.

For the less committed, sometimes more is less. The hit single Love Will Tear Us Apart sounds good because it’s different from the other things you hear on the radio. The unremitting misery can become overwhelming and I don’t find Joy Division an easy listening experience.

What Others Say About Still

There aren’t many reviewers at Amazon but what they say is positive.


This Joy Division live album isn’t on the greatest ever lists but Les Bains Douches 1979 was ranked at No 15 on the Stylus list.

Buying Still

You can get your copy from

Be careful if you decide to buy because there is also a version that excludes the High Wycombe concert and sound check.

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