The Clash Live From Here To Eternity 1978 to 1982

Live From Here To Eternity is a compilation live album from The Clash recorded between 1978 and 1982 in the UK and USA.

The Clash were one of the first punk rock groups in the UK, with Joe Strummer formerly with the pub rock group The 101ers. With their album London Calling in particular they went on to be so much more than punk.

The Clash Live From Here To Eternity

The Clash Live From Here To Eternity album cover

Set List – 8/10

When I’m attributing albums to the songs on From Here To Eternity, I’m going with the versions issued in the UK. Their first album The Clash was released in the USA with various exceptional singles added – including Complete Control, White Man In Hammersmith Palais – but at the expense of some album tracks.

  1. Complete Control – June 1981 New York City – 3:45 (originally a non-album single)
  2. London’s Burning – April 1978 – London – 2:03 (The Clash)
  3. What’s My Name – 27 July 1978 – London – 1:43 (The Clash)
  4. Clash City Rockers – September 1982 – Boston – 3:30 (originally a non-album single)
  5. Career Opportunities – October 1982 – New York City – 2:06 (The Clash)
  6. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais – September 1982 – Boston – 4:28 (originally a non-album single)
  7. Capital Radio – February 1980 – London – 2:58 (originally a non-album single)
  8. City of the Dead – December 1978 – London – 2:47
  9. I Fought the Law – December 1978 – London – 2:36 (originally a non-album single)
  10. London Calling – September 1982 – Boston – 3:29 (London Calling)
  11. Armagideon Time – February 1980 – London – 5:05
  12. Train in Vain – June 1981 – New York City – 4:43 (London Calling)
  13. The Guns of Brixton – June 1981 – New York City – 3:36 (London Calling)
  14. The Magnificent Seven – September 1982 – Boston – 6:09 (Sandinista!)
  15. Know Your Rights – September 1982 – Boston – 4:04 (Combat Rock)
  16. Should I Stay or Should I Go – September 1982 – Boston     3:14 (Combat Rock)
  17. Straight to Hell – September 1982 – Boston – 7:24 (Combat Rock)

As you can see from the locations, there were quite a few concerts recorded and this album clocks in at just under 64 minutes. That’s not good enough for a live compilation in my opinion.

There are far too many great songs by The Clash that are missing from this live album including White Riot, their very first single.


This is where Live: Fro0m Here To Eternity picks up but in putting together any live compilation album, only the best versions of the songs should appear.

Here is a video of The Clash performing live.

White Man In Hammersmith Palais

Atmosphere & Authenticity

I’ve got big issues with the thinking behind putting together From Here To Eternity. It is effectively a live “Best of The Clash” without all the best.

It’s not a record of a concert or even a reason impression. For example the songs are in roughly date order of when they were recorded. One of the joys of a great concert is the way that the artist or group moves backwards and forwards through their career.


Very disappointing. The world needs at least one great live album from The Clash, preferably two or three.

What Others Say About From Here To Eternity Live

It has been better received on the lists of greatest live albums than I would have expected.

Stylus – 9
Classic Rock – 15 – 69

The amazon reviewers love this live album by The Clash.


Buying The Clash From Here To Eternity

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