The Ramones Loco Live 1991

Loco Live is a live album by The Ramones.

It was recorded in Barcelona in Spain and was originally released in 1991.

The Ramones Loco Live

Songs On The Ramones Loco Live

There are many different versions of this album but this set list is what’s on offer as the mp3 from Amazon.

1. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
2. Durango 95
3. Teenage Lobotomy
4. Psycho Therapy
5. Blitzkrieg Bop
6. Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio?
7. I Believe In Miracles
8. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
9. Rock ‘N’ Roll High School
10. I Wanna Be Sedated
11. The KKK Took My Baby Away
12. I Wanna Live
13. My Brian IS Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)
14. Chinese Rocks
15. Shenna Is A Punk Rocker
16. Rockaway Beach
17. Pet Sematary
18. Judy Is A Punk
19. Mamma’s Boy
20. Animal Boy
21. Wart Hog
22. Surfin’ Bird
23. Cretin Hop
24. I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You
25. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
26. Pinhead
27. Somebody Put Something In My Drink
28. Beat On The Brat
29. Ignorance Is Bliss
30. I Just Want To Have Something To Do
31. Havanna Affair
32. I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement

While their original live album, It’s Alive pulled its songs from the legendary 1976 and 1977 studio albums, the group had a far wider repertoire to choose from by the time loco Live was recorded.

That may or may not be a good thing depending on your interest in The Ramones later developments.

Personally I think you MUST have It’s Alive first in your collection and if you find you play it often, then look to branch out into their later albums.


Buying The Ramones Loco Live

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What Do You Think?

Is this a great live album?

Is it the best live album by The Ramones? It’s Alive is the one that sometimes features in the best live albums lists produced by critics but the critics often disagree with popular opinion.

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