Sex Pistols Filthy Lucre Live 1996

Filthy Lucre Live is a live album by the Sex Pistols recorded in London in June 1996 on their reunion world tour.

Now that doesn’t sound very punk does it?

Sex Pistols Filthy Lucre Live

Sex Pistols Filthy Lucre Live

Set List – 7/10

  1. Bodies – 3:34
  2. Seventeen – 2:31
  3. New York – 3:26
  4. No Feelings – 2:59
  5. Did You No Wrong – 3:41
  6. God Save the Queen – 3:23
  7. Liar – 2:46
  8. Satellite – 4:07
  9. (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone – 2:53
  10. Holidays in the Sun – 3:29
  11. Submission – 4:42
  12. Pretty Vacant – 3:33
  13. E.M.I. – 4:16
  14. Anarchy in the U.K. – 3:32
  15. Problems – 4:37

With only one main studio album, Never Mind The Bollocks, it’s easier to say which songs haven’t come from that album – Did You No Wrong, Satellite and Steppin’ Stone. While the running order is different, all twelve songs from that first album were performed.

There’s a reason why I’ve never bought an album by the Sex Pistols. I never saw what was so special about them and much preferred The Clash. Fan’s won’t complain about the set but it’s not for me.

Nostalgia makes some of the songs sound more attractive than they used to be but I don’t have any desire to buy and play often.


This album is recorded about 20 years after their heyday and Johnny Rotten had just turned 40. The other members playing were the originals – guitarist Steve Jones, drummer Paul Cook and bassist Glen Matlock (who originally left and was replaced by Sid Vicious).

It’s spirited and pretty much what you’d expect. Johnny Rotten still can’t sing but the other members are more talented (even in 1977) than their reputations would have you believe.

Atmosphere & Authenticity

It was recorded in a big park and the Pistols are on a world tour. They’ve definitely lost something in authenticity. It’s also 20 years on.

However it is the original group and Matlock was credited as co-creator for ten of the twelve songs on Never Mind The Bollocks.


Interesting and much better recorded than some of the earlier concerts that were pushed at the record buying public in a desperate attempt to cash in on the Sex Pistols name.

It’s not for me though. It still prefer added variety of styles played by The Clash.

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