Tom Verlaine Live At The Venue 1982

Live At The Venue is a live album by Tom Verlaine.

It was recorded in London on 3rd June 1982.

The live recording has been released as a digital download but it has previously been an important part of the Tom Verlaine compilation, The Miller’s Tale. I didn’t realise originally and bought the digital download as soon as I saw it without checking.

Tom Verlaine Live At The Venue

Songs On Tom Verlaine Live At The Venue

  1. Kingdom Come – 3:55 (from the debut album Tom Verlaine)
  2. Souvenir From A Dream – 4:38 (Tom Verlaine)
  3. Clear It Away – 5:07 (Words from the Front)
  4. Always – 9:21 (Dreamtime)
  5. Postcard From Waterloo – 4:04 (Words from the Front)
  6. Penetration – 5:34 (Dreamtime)
  7. Breakin’ In My Heart – 8:55 (Tom Verlaine)
  8. Marquee Moon – 13:58 (from the Television album)
  9. Days On The Mountain – 10:31 (Words from the Front)
  10. Prove It – 5:54 (from the Television album Marquee Moon)

A nice mixture of songs from the first three Tom Verlaine solo albums plus two classics from Television’s outstanding debut studio album Marquee Moon.

Inevitably, my first beef is that I want more. It’s only 72 minutes long and in particular, I want more from Marquee Moon, something from Adventure and more from the second Tom Verlaine album called Dreamtime.

It’s a really good performance with good sound except for an irritating buzzing noise on one of the songs. Verlaine is in good voice, the band supports him well and the performance doesn’t feel forced in any way.

This is my preferred choice from the live albums by Television and Tom Verlaine but I see it as supplemental to the studio album Marquee Moon which I have loved for nearly 40 years.

What Other People Say

I’ve brought in reviews for The Miller’s Tale from That’s because this live 1982 recording was the exciting part of the release for TV fans.


Buying Tom Verlaine Live At The Venue

It is or may be available from

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What Do You Think?

Is this a great live album?

Do you think it’s the best by Tom Verlaine with or without Television.

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