Supertramp Paris 1979

Paris is the first live album released by Supertramp. It was recorded in November 1979 in Paris on the tour to promote their mainstream breakthrough album Breakfast In America.

I remember seeing Supertramp on the Even In The Quietest Moments tour in 1976. I don’t know why but I can remember feeling the bass continually thudding into my chest, something that even Black Sabbath didn’t manage to achieve. Of course, with Sabbath I may have been too worried about protecting my hearing to notice.

Supertramp have never fitted into my definition of progressive rock so I’m treating them as an art rock group.

A combined DVD/CD release called Live In Paris ’79 has the missing six songs from the original concert and is therefore a more sensible purchase.

Supertramp Paris

supertramp paris

My Rating – 28 out of 30 (9+9+10)

Average Amazon Customer Rating – %%AVERAGERATING%% Stars

Set List

  1. School – 5:41 (originally on the album Crime Of the Century)
  2. Ain’t Nobody But Me – 5:24 (Crisis? What Crisis?)
  3. The Logical Song – 3:56 (Breakfast In America)
  4. Bloody Well Right – 7:23 (Crime Of The Century)
  5. Breakfast In America – 2:57 (Breakfast In America)
  6. You Started Laughing – 4:02 (this was the B side to the Lady single from Crisis? What Crisis?)
  7. Hide In Your Shell – 6:54 (Crime Of The Century)
  8. From Now On – 7:05 (Even in the Quietest Moments)

Disc 2:

  1. Dreamer – 3:44 (Crime Of The Century)
  2. Rudy – 7:08 (Crime Of The Century)
  3. A Soapbox Opera – 4:51 (Crisis? What Crisis?)
  4. Asylum – 6:51 (Crime Of The Century)
  5. Take The Long Way Home – 4:57 (Breakfast In America)
  6. Fool’s Overture – 10:57    (Even in the Quietest Moments)
  7. Two Of Us – 1:25 (Crisis? What Crisis?)
  8. Crime Of The Century – 6:31 (Crime Of The Century)

It’s got all except for one track from Crime Of The Century (If Everyone Was Listening if you’re wondering) and not too much from their commercial “sell-out” Breakfast In America.

Six tracks are missing from the concert – Goodbye Stranger, Child Of Vision, Even In The Quietest Moments, Downstream, Give A Little Bit and Another Man’s Woman. These are available on the bonus CD with the deluxe version of Breakfast In America.

This is an exceptionally good live album and I’ve given it a rating of 28 out of 30. It drops a point for the six missing tracks although everything on the album is excellent. I also wish the band had taken the opportunity to jam a little more and take a few more risks away from the well known studio versions of the songs.

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