Be Bop Deluxe Live In The Air Age 1977

Live In The Air Age is the first live album by seventies art rock band Be Bop Deluxe led by the great guitarist Bill Nelson. It was released in 1977.

Some say that Be Bop Deluxe are progressive rock. I don’t agree and include them in my art rock category along with David Bowie, Roxy Music and King Crimson.

Be Bop Deluxe are one of my favourite groups that captured my imagination as a 15 year old that no one else at school knew about. That changed a little bit when Ships In The Night was a minor hit.

Although this was recorded on the Modern Music tour, there aren’t any songs played from that album. It’s a shame. I saw them and it was a very good gig.

Be Bop Deluxe Live In The Air Age

Be Bop Deluxe Live In The Air AgeBe Bop Deluxe Live In The Air Age Set List

  1. Life in the Air Age – 4:30 (originally on Sunburst Finish)
  2. Ships in the Night – 3:37 (Sunburst Finish)
  3. Piece of Mine – 5:05 (not previously recorded)
  4. Fair Exchange – 4:55 (Sunburst Finish)
  5. Mill Street Junction – 4:43 (not previously recorded)
  6. Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape – 8:00 (Axe Victim)
  7. Blazing Apostles – 6:32 (Sunburst Finish)
  8. Shine – 9:22 (Sunburst Finish)
  9. Sister Seagull – 3:42 (Futurama)
  10. Maid in Heaven – 2:28 (Futurama)

The set is dominated by the Sunburst Finish album (that’s the one with the nude girl on the cover) with the compulsory classic from the earlier albums – Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape, Sister Seagull and Maid in Heaven – and a couple of unreleased songs.

My earliest investment with Be Bop Deluxe was the Hot Valves EP – Maid In Heaven, Bring Back the Spark, Blazing Apostles, Jet Silver and the Dolls of Venus – which I played over and over again. These are in my favourite top 10 songs by the group and it’s a shame that two of them are missing.

What Others Say About Live In the Air Age

Be Bop Deluxe aren’t fashionable and I haven’t seen their albums on the best live albums lists.

Reviews on Amazon are very positive.


Buying Live In The Air Age by Be Bop Deluxe

You can buy the album or hear samples of the songs from It is also available from eBay.

What Do You Think About This Album?

Do you think Live In the Air Age is a great souvenir of what Be Bop Deluxe were like live or do you wish there was an album with a more extensive set list?

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