Be Bop Deluxe Tremulous Antenna Radioland 1976 &1978

Tremulous Antenna and Radioland: BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert are basically the same album which brings together two radio broadcasts by Be Bop Deluxe from 1976 and 1978.

Be Bop Deluxe Tremulous Antenna

Be Bop Deluxe Tremulous AntennaBe Bop Deluxe Tremulous Antenna Set List

  1. Life In The Air Age (originally on the Sunburst Finish album)
  2. Sister Seagull (Futurama)
  3. Third Floor Heaven (Axe Victim)
  4. Blazing Apostles (Sunburst Finish)
  5. Maid In Heaven (Futurama)
  6. Kiss Of Light (Modern Music)
  7. Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape (Axe Victim)
  8. Fair Exchange (Sunburst Finish)
  9. Ships In The Night (Sunburst Finish)
  10. Modern Music/Dancing In The Moonlight/Honeymoon On Mars/Lost In The Neon World/Modern Music (Reprise) (medley from Modern Music)
  11. New Precision (Drastic Plastic)
  12. Superenigmatix (Drastic Plastic)
  13. Possesion (Drastic Plastic)
  14. Dangerous Stranger (Drastic Plastic)
  15. Island Of The Dead (Drastic Plastic)
  16. Panic In The World  (Drastic Plastic)

Life In The Air Age, Sister Seagull, Blazing Apostles, Maid In Heaven, Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape, Fair Exchange and Ships In The Night are also on the first live album, Live In The Air Age.

What we have extra is an oldie from their first album (Third Floor Heaven), the Modern Music Suite and Kiss Of Life and to finish off, six songs from their final album Drastic Plastic.

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