Best Live Album Titles

While the quality of the music is what really matters, I like some imagination about the title of the live album.

Titles like David Live (David Bowie), Alive (Kiss) or  Live At Leeds (The Who) may describe the product but they are dull.

I started to think about what were the best live album titles.

I quickly came up with:

Get Yer Ya Yas Out by The Rolling Stones
It’s Too Late To Stop Now by Van Morrison
If You Want Blood You’ve Got It by AC/DC
On Your Feet or On Your Knees by Blue Oyster Cult
Blow Your Face Out by the J Geils Band
You Can’t Argue With A Sick Mind by Joe Walsh
Delicate Sound Of Thunder by Pink Floyd

I’m sure there are others.

What do you think are the best live album titles?

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