10cc Live And Let Live 1977

Live And Let Live is a live album by 10cc in 1977 after Kevin Godley, and Lol Creme had left the group. It was recorded in London and Manchester in the UK on the  Deceptive Bends tour.

10cc Live And Let Live

10cc Live And Let Live

Set List

  1. The Second Sitting For The Last Supper – 5.22 (The Original Soundtrack)
  2. You’ve Got A Cold – 3.57 (Deceptive Bends)
  3. Honeymoon With B Troop – 3.56 (Deceptive Bends)
  4. Art For Art’s Sake – 7.14 (How Dare You)
  5. People In Love – 4.11 (Deceptive Bends)
  6. The Wall Street Shuffle – 4.12 (Sheet Music)
  7. Ships Don’t Disappear In The Night (Do They?) – 7.33 (on their first album 10cc)
  8. I’m Mandy, Fly Me – 6.03 (How Dare You)
  9. Marriage Bureau Rendezvous – 4.20 (Deceptive Bends)
  10. Good Morning Judge – 3.11 (Deceptive Bends)
  11. Feel The Benefit – 13.35 (Deceptive Bends)
  12. The Things We Do For Love – 3.49 (Deceptive Bends)
  13. Waterfall – 7.48 (the B side of the Rubber Bullet single)
  14. I’m Not In Love – 6.59 (The Original Soundtrack)
  15. Modern Man Blues – 8.05 (Deceptive Bends)

Unfortunately Live and Let Live is a great example of an excellent band releasing a live album at the wrong time with a weakened set list. Eight out of the fifteen songs are from Deceptive Bands. Most fans will agree that it’s not their best album.

The album pays little tribute the glorious quirky pop/rock songs written by the band on their first four albums. Lol Creme and Kevin Godley songs like Donna, The Dean And I, Rubber Bullets and Une Nuit A Paris were ignored. Even thought they were Creme/Stewart songs, Silly Love and Life Is A Minestrone are also missing. Many of these missing songs play a large role in defining the special character of the band that made them so great.

I am however, very pleased to see Waterfall feature, a song that’s far too good to be buried on the b-side of Rubber Bullets.

This setlist is a shame because a live 10cc album after The Original Soundtrack or How Dare You could have been great.

The band on this tour consisted of:

  • Eric Stewart – lead vocals, guitar, grand piano, electric piano
  • Graham Gouldman – ead vocals, bass guitar, guitar
  • Rick Fenn – backing vocals, bass guitar, guitar
  • Tony O’Malley – lead vocals, keyboards
  • Paul Burgess – drums, percussion, electric piano
  • Stuart Tosh – backing vocals, drums, percussion

Even if this is 10cc mk II when most fans really want the original four members playing together, the performance is very good.

Here are some videos I found of 10cc performing live in concert around this period.

Second Sitting Of The Last Supper 1977

Good Morning Judge

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