Rush Exit Stage Left 1980 & 1981

Exit Stage Left is the second live album by Rush after the success of their first,  All The World’s A Stage.

It was recorded at two concerts – June 10-11, 1980 at The Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland on the Permanent Waves tour and March 27, 1981 at The Forum, Montreal on the Moving Pictures tour.

This represents the peak time for the group as they changed their sound from the progressive heavy metal of All The World’s A Stage to a more classic rock style. They even started having hit singles with songs like Spirit Of the Radio and Tom Sawyer.

Rush Exit Stage Left

Rush Exit Stage Left

Rush Exit Stage Left Set List

  1. The Spirit of Radio – 5:11 (Montreal 1981) (originally on the album Permanent Waves)
  2. Red Barchetta – 6:46 (Montreal 1981) (Moving Pictures)
  3. YYZ – 7:43 (Montreal 1981) (Moving Pictures)
  4. A Passage to Bangkok – 3:45 (Glasgow 1980) (2112)
  5. Closer to the Heart – 3:08 (Glasgow 1980) (A Farewell To Kings)
  6. Beneath, Between & Behind – 2:34 (Glasgow 1980) (Fly By Night)
  7. Jacob’s Ladder – 8:46 (Glasgow 1980) (Permanent Waves)
  8. Broon’s Bane – 1:37 (Montreal 1981) (first appears on this album)
  9. The Trees – 4:50 (Montreal 1981) (Hemispheres)
  10. Xanadu – 12:09 (Montreal 1981) (A Farewell To Kings)
  11. Freewill – 5:31 (Montreal 1981) (Permanent Waves)
  12. Tom Sawyer – 4:59 (Montreal 1981) (Moving Pictures)
  13. La Villa Strangiato – 9:37 (Montreal 1981) (Hemispheres)

Two songs from A Farewell To Kings, two from Hemispheres, three from Permanent Waves and three from Moving Pictures, a couple of oldies (A Passage to Bangkok and Beneath, Between & Behind) and a short, not previously released track (Broon’s Bane) show that this is a well balanced live album.

It doesn’t duplicate any of the songs played on All The World’s A Stage.

I will be writing a full review for Exit Stage Left.

Here are some videos of Rush performing live in concert in 1980 and 1981.


Closer To The Heart

Tom Sawyer

What Others Say About Exit Stage Left by Rush

This album is very highly regarded and features on the best live albums ever lists.

The following ranked it very high:

Classic Rock – 9th
IGN – 18th
Planet Rock – 20th – 46th

Amazon reviewers are equally positive and consider Exit Stage Left to be a great live album.


Buying Exit Stage Left by Rush

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