Black ‘n’ Blue One Night Only Live 1997

One Night Only Live is a live album by Black ‘n’ Blue.

It was recorded at Key Largo in Portland, Oregon on 31 October 1997 and released the following year.

Black 'n' Blue One Night Only Live

Songs On Black ‘n’ Blue One Night Only Live

1. Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door
2. Autoblast
3. Hold On To 18
4. Does She Or Doesn’t She
5. Heat It Up! Burn It Out!
6. Without Love
7. Miss Mystery
8. Violent Kid
9. I’ll Be There For You
10. Wicked Bitch
11. School Of Hard Knocks
12. I’m The King

Playing on the album are:

Jaime St James – Lead Vocals
Tommy Thayer – Guitar
Jeff Warner – Guitar
Patrick Young – Bass
Pete Holmes – Drums


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