Accept Staying A Life 1985

Staying A Life is a live album by heavy metal band Accept.

It was recorded at the Festival Hall, Osaka in Japan on September 18, 1985 and was released in October 1990.

Accept Staying A Life

Songs On Accept Staying A Life

1. Metal Heart
2. Breaker
3. Screaming For A Love-Bite
4. Up To The Limit
5. Living For Tonight
6. Princess Of The Dawn
7. Neon Nights
8. Burning
9. Head Over Heels
10. Guitar Solo Wolf
11. Restless & Wild
12. Son Of A Bitch
13. London Leatherboys
14. Love Child
15. Flash Rockin Man
16. Dogs On Leads
17. Fast As A Shark
18. Balls To The Wall
19. Outro (Bound To Fail)

When it was first issued in the USA it only had 15 songs. Those missing were Neon Nights, Burning, Head Over Heels and the Outro.

The band was:

Udo Dirkschneider – vocals
Wolf Hoffmann – guitars
Jorg Fischer – guitars
Peter Baltes – bass
Stefan Kaufmann – drums


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