Whitesnake – The Thoughts of Pete Parlo

More videos from Pete Parlo from the Sea of Tranquility website, this time his love of Deep Purple is carried over into Whitesnake.

I’ve blown hot and cold on Whitesnake ever since they were formed. I like Deep Purple Mark 3 and 4 a lot but by the time Coverdale formed his new band in 1978, bluesy hard rock was unfashionable and, whilst they had a few catchy hits over the years, the did go very “hair metal” at one stage.

Pete is much more of a fan and I’ve since learnt that his favourite song ever is by Whitesnake. Continue reading

Thin Lizzy – What Pete Pardo Thinks

Another set of videos from Pete Pardo from the Sea of Tranquility website, this time looking at the hard rock band Thin Lizzy.

A fantastic band in the 70s and 80s and of course they have produced one of the greatest live albums ever released in Live And Dangerous. Two other live albums, UK Tour 1975 and Life Live also deserve plenty of attention and go backwards and forwards in time from L&D.

Over to Pete.

Top 10 Songs: Thin Lizzy

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UFO – What Pete Pardo Thinks

I’ve been sharing videos by Pete Pardo from the Sea of Tranquility website. Pete loves hard rock, heavy metal and prog rock and he’s very keen on UFO.

This is a band who should have had much more success in the 1970s than they did. Of course, they have recorded one of the all time classic live albums in the form of Strangers in the Night.

Here is what Pete thinks.

The History of UFO! Continue reading

Blue Oyster Cult – What Pete Pardo Thinks

More videos from Pete Pardo of the Sea of Tranquility website. This time he looks at American hard rock band, Blue Oyster Cult.

This is a band who produced an excellent live album early in their career called On Your Feet or On Your Knees. They followed it up with two more very good live albums after their commercial breakthrough with Some Enchanted Evening and Extraterrestrial Live.

Over to Pete.

The History of Blue Oyster Cult!

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Black Sabbath – The Thoughts of Pete Pardo

Pete Pardo (from the Sea of Tranquility website) loves Black Sabbath. They are one of his favourite bands.

I’m not convinced the Ozzy Osbourne period produced a classic live album but the Ronnie James Dio era in the early 1980s gave the world Live Evil.

Here are Pete’s videos on Black Sabbath: Continue reading

Diamond Head Friday Rock Show Session 1980 1982

Friday Rock Show Session is a live album by Diamond Head.

It was recorded:

  • Live in the studio for the BBC in 1980 and broadcast on the Friday Rock Show.
  • Live in concert at the Reading Festival in 1982.

Diamond Head Friday Rock Show Session

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Samson The BBC Sessions 1979 to 1989

The BBC Session is a compilation of live in the studio recordings by Samson.

The sources are:

Tracks 1 to 4 were recorded on October 17th 1979.
Tracks 5 to 8 were recorded on February 24th 1984.
Tracks 9 to 12 were recorded on May 9th 1986.
Tracks 13 to 16 were recorded on July 14th 1989.

Samson The BBC Sessions

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