Whitesnake – The Thoughts of Pete Parlo

More videos from Pete Parlo from the Sea of Tranquility website, this time his love of Deep Purple is carried over into Whitesnake.

I’ve blown hot and cold on Whitesnake ever since they were formed. I like Deep Purple Mark 3 and 4 a lot but by the time Coverdale formed his new band in 1978, bluesy hard rock was unfashionable and, whilst they had a few catchy hits over the years, the did go very “hair metal” at one stage.

Pete is much more of a fan and I’ve since learnt that his favourite song ever is by Whitesnake.

The History of Whitesnake

Here are the Whitesnake studio albums:

1978 Trouble
1979 Lovehunter
1980 Ready an’ Willing
1981 Come an’ Get It
1982 Saints & Sinners
1984 Slide It In
1987 Whitesnake
1989 Slip of the Tongue
1997 Restless Heart
2008 Good to Be Bad
2011 Forevermore
2015 The Purple Album
2019 Flesh & Blood

I don’t know much about these albums but I do have Live…In The Heart of the City and The Purple Tour in my collection.

Top 10 Whitesnake Songs

What Are The Best Live Albums?

Whitesnake are included in my poll to find the best live album by the members of Deep Purple (marks 2 to 4).

What Are The FIVE Best Live Albums By Members Of Deep Purple (Blackmore, Gillan, Coverdale, Hughes & Bolin)

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Like Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake cross over between the blues rock and hard rock genres so their albums are included in both.

What Are The FIVE Best Blues Rock Live Albums? (Click on the links to go to the reviews)

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What Are The TEN Best Hard Rock Or Heavy Metal Live Albums Ever? (Click on the links to go to the reviews)

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Because there are so many great hard rock and heavy metal live albums I have split the poll into two and you may find some of your favourites in the second division. Albums will be promoted when they get enough votes.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

You can get the albums from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com The small affiliate commission if you buy helps to pay for this website.

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