Ian Gillan Band Live At The Budokan 1977

Live At Budokan is a live album by the Ian Gillan Band.

It was recorded at the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan on 22 September 1977. It was released a few months later.

While Ian Gillan paid tribute to his time with Deep Purple with three classics, this is a much more sophisticated sound that some people have described as jazz rock fusion.

It’s better, more listenable than you might expect but this is not a hard rock sequel to Made In Japan.

Ian Gillan Band Live At The Budokan

Songs On Ian Gillan Band Live At The Budokan

1. Clean Air Turbulence
2. My Baby Loves Me
3. Scarabus
4. Money Lender
5. Twin Exhausted
6. Over The Hill
7. Mercury High
8. Child In Time
9. Smoke On The Water
10. Woman From Tokyo

Playing on the album are:

Ian Gillan (vocals)
Ray Fenwick (guitar)
Colin Towns (keyboards)
John Gustafson (bass)
Mark Nauseef (drums)


Buying Live At The Budokan

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What do you think?

Is this the best live album by Ian Gillan away from Deep Purple?


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