Rainbow Live In Germany 1976

Live In Germany 1976 is an archive released live album by hard rock band Rainbow.

This was recorded in 1976 on the Rainbow Raising world tour and was released in 1990.

This pulls the best from four concerts in Germany:

Cologne on 25 September 1976
Düsseldorf 27 September 1976
Nuremberg 28 September 1976
Munich 29 September 1976

The full recordings of three of these concerts – Cologne, Düsseldorf and Munich – have since been bundled together and released in Japan as Deutschland Tournee. The three concerts have been released separately elsewhere.

Rainbow Live In Germany 1976

Songs On Rainbow Live In Germany 1976

CD 1

Kill The King 5:30 (later recorded on the studio album Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll)
Mistreated 15:40 (from the Deep Purple album Burn)
Sixteenth Century Greensleeves 8:00 (Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow)
Catch The Rainbow 29:23 (Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow)

CD 2

Man On The Silver Mountain 13:33 (Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow)
Stargazer 17:00 (Rainbow Rising)
Still I’m Sad 15:04 (a cover of the Yardbirds song)
Do You Close Your Eyes 10:11 (Rainbow Rising)

I’ve always been disappointed that the band played so few songs from Rainbow Rising on this tour as Blackmore continued the Deep Purple practice of playing a few, very extended songs rather than providing a good representation of those first two albums when Blackmore and Dio were most inspired.


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