Rory Gallagher Stage Struck 1979

Stage Struck is Rory Gallagher‘s third live album and presents a heavier, hard rock approach to his guitar style recorded in 1979.

The blues had been the emphasis of Live In Europe and Irish Tour.

Rory Gallagher Stage Struck

Rory Gallagher Stage StruckSet List

  1. Shin Kicker – 3:58 (Photo-Finish)
  2. Wayward Child – 4:32 (Top Priority)
  3. Brute Force and Ignorance – 4:32
  4. Moonchild – 6:06 (Calling Card)
  5. Bad Penny – 6:39 (Top Priority)
  6. Key Chain – 5:03 (Top Priority)
  7. Follow Me – 5:56 (Top Priority)
  8. Bought and Sold – 4:39 (Against the Grain)
  9. The Last of the Independents – 5:39
  10. Shadow Play – 5:08 (Photo-Finish)

The band for this tour was:

Rory Gallagher – guitar, harmonica, vocals
Gerry McAvoy – bass guitar
Ted McKenna – drums

On Stage Struck Rory Gallagher has changed his style and moved away from blues rock and towards hard rock.

Here are some videos of Rory Gallagher performing live in 1979

Tatoo’d Lady (not on Stagestruck)

Brute Force and Ignorance

Shadow Play

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