What is The Best Thin Lizzy Live Album?

Can any album topple Live & Dangerous from being the best Thin Lizzy live album? probably not but what is the second best?

Please vote for your two favourite Thin Lizzy live albums.

What Are The THREE Best Live Albums By Thin Lizzy Or Phil Lynott? (Click on the links to go to the reviews)

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My Thoughts On The Results Of The Poll To Find The Best Live Album By Thin Lizzy

Of course nothing could dislodge Live & Dangerous from the #1 position. While it may not be that we’ll known in North America, this is widely recognised in the UK as one of the very best live albums.

Thin Lizzy Live And Dangerous

The extent of touch up in the studio is disputed although everyone admits this isn’t the raw live recording.  Despite that,  it brings together many of their best songs after the success of the Jailbreak and Johnny The Fox studio albums. Emerald and Still In Love With You are my favourites. It’s a great example of how twin lead guitarists can play together.

In second place is Life, their 1980s live compilation.

Thin Lizzy Life

This misses the heavy “pop” sweet spot of Live & Dangerous.  This is hard rock but sadly the version I know is marred by poor production.

No other album is making much impression on the poll so far although there are other live albums with and without band leader Phil Lynott.

Like Little Feat, I struggle to accept the band after the main man died.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about the results? Do you believe that Live And Dangerous is over-rated or does it deserve to be one of the best live albums of all time?

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Thanks for voting.

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