What Is The Best AC/DC Live Album?

What is the best AC/DC live album? If You Want Blood gets plenty of praise but is it the live recording that fans think is best?

The Best AC/DC Live Album Competition

For a band with such a great reputation and with the loss of their lead singer, Bon Scott when they were hitting their heights, there are surprisingly few live albums.

If You Want Blood You’ve Got It gets lots of praise from the critics but it was recorded in April 1978 and therefore misses content from studio albums such as Highway To Hell (with Scott), and Back in Black and For Those About To Rock.

The Live Concert Recordings Of AC/DC

1977 Live From the Atlantic Studios
1978 If You Want Blood You’ve Got It
1979 Let There Be Rock The Movie – Live in Paris
1990/91 AC/DC Live
2009 Live At River Plate

The Best AC/DC Live Album Poll

What Are The TWO Best AC/DC Live Albums? (Click on the links to go to the reviews)

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I think we know what the winner is so I’m allowing two votes per person to see if there is another essential purchase.

My thoughts on the results :

As expected, If You Want Blood is romping away the title of best live album by AC/DC.

If You Want Blood You've Got It AC/DC

AC/DC Live is a strong second but I have a feeling that’s more of a comment on the lack of competition than on the album itself.

AC/DC Live

This is a band who may benefit from more radio broadcast style live albums unless they open up their own archives. Mind you, that may cost them in the hard rock genre poll by splitting their votes.

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