Grand Funk Railroad Live The 1971 Tour

Grand Funk Railroad Live The 1971 Tour is an archive released live album by Grand Funk Railroad that was finally released in 2002.

According to Discogs, this brings together songs selected from four gigs:

  • Track 2 recorded at “The Syndrome” , Chicago on May 1, 1971.
  • Tracks 3, 4, 8, & 9 recorded at “Cobo Hall” Detroit on April 29, 1971,.
  • Track 11 recorded at “Cobo Hall”, Detroit on  April 30, 1971.
  • Tracks 5, 6, 7 & 10 recorded at “Shea Stadium”, New York City on July 7, 1971.

Grand Funk Railroad Live The 1971 Tour

Songs On Grand Funk Railroad Live The 1971 Tour

Intro (Also Sprach Zarathustra) – 1:39
Are You Ready – 3:11
Footstompin’ Music – 5:24
Paranoid – 6:03
I’m Your Captain / Closer To Home – 5:48
Hooked On Love – 2:45
Get It Together – 2:46
T.N.U.C. – 17:12
Inside Looking Out – 15:30
Gimme Shelter – 8:44
Into The Sun – 9:50

I’m warming to Grand Funk Railroad and this rather than Live or Caught In The Act is the album that has really made me pay attention. America has never had any doubts about the band but they made little impression on Britain.

This has a better sound than Live (1970) and I feel that the band has benefited from playing more gigs. This is tight, dynamic and exciting.

I’d prefer not to have the drum solo in T.N.U.C. but then I don’t play The Mule or Moby Dick when I listen to those albums so I don’t have a problem editing it out or skipping over it.


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