Michael Schenker Group One Night At Budokan 1981

One Night At Budokan is a live album by the Michael Schenker Group recorded in August 1981 in Japan.

Michael Schenker made his name with The Scorpions before moving to UFO and appears on their great live album Strangers In The Night.

I can understand why people want to collect everything recorded by a guitarist like Michael Schenker.

Michael Schenker Group One Night At Budokan

Michael Schenker Group One Night at Budokan

Disc 1

Intro – 1:31
Armed and Ready – 4:52
Cry for the Nations – 5:30
Attack of the Mad Axeman – 5:04
But I Want More – 7:22
Victim of Illusion – 6:14
Into the Arena – 4:54

Disc 2

On and On – 5:35
Never Trust a Stranger – 5:36
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – 7:17
Tales of Mystery – 3:50
Cozy Powell Drum Solo – 11:23
Courvoisier Concerto – 3:35
Lost Horizons – 7:30
Doctor Doctor – 6:18
Are You Ready to Rock – 6:39

I could do with taking about ten minutes off the drum solo but that’s a regular complaint.

The group at this time was:

Gary Barden – lead vocals
Michael Schenker – guitar
Paul Raymond – rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Chris Glen – bass
Cozy Powell – drums (former member of Rainbow)

Here is the Michael Schenker Group performing Armed & Ready live in 19811.

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I haven’t seen this in any best live album lists but it is getting plenty of support in my best live albums polls.

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