Black Sabbath Live Evil 1982

Live Evil is a controversial Black Sabbath live album because it features Ronnie James Dio rather than the iconic Ozzy Osborne. It also has Carmen Appice rather than Bill Ward on drums.

I’m sceptical about this album and as I admitted in my review of Reunion, I’m not a huge Black Sabbath fan.

Black Sabbath Live Evil

Black Sabbath Live Evil Set List

  1. E5150 – 2:21 (from the album The Mob Rules)
  2. Neon Knights – 4:36 (Heaven and Hell)
  3. N.I.B. – 5:09 (Black Sabbath)
  4. Children of the Sea – 6:05 (Heaven and Hell)
  5. Voodoo – 6:07 (The Mob Rules)
  6. Black Sabbath – 8:39 (Black Sabbath)
  7. War Pigs – 9:19 (Paranoid)
  8. Iron Man – 7:29 (Paranoid)
  9. The Mob Rules – 4:10 (The Mob Rules)
  10. Heaven and Hell – 12:04 (Heaven and Hell)
  11. The Sign of the Southern Cross/Heaven and Hell (Continued) – 7:15 (The Mob Rules)
  12. Paranoid – 3:46 (Paranoid)
  13. Children of the Grave – 5:25 (Masters Of Reality)
  14. Fluff – 0:59 (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath)

While the Dio version of Black Sabbath has its attractions and he is a great vocalist, it requires an open mind to listen to the early classic heavy metal songs without Ozzy.

Heaven and Hell

What Others Say About Black Sabbath Live Evil

Classic Rock magazine rated this as the 19th best live album ever – see great live album lists.


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