Black Sabbath Past Lives

Past Lives by Black Sabbath is acompilation of recordings of Black Sabbath live in concert during the early 1970s to make up for no prime time release.

At least this is the original Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward and Geezer Butler.

The first disc has been previously released as Black Sabbath Live At Last from 1973 concerts.

The second disc is from 1970 and 1975.

If you want the proper Ozzy Osborne Black Sabbath, you may be better turning your attention to Black Sabbath Reunion from 1997.

Black Sabbath Past LIves

Black Sabbath Past Lives Set List

This gets confusing.

Disc one (from 1973)

Tomorrow’s Dream – 3:03
Sweet Leaf – 5:26
Killing Yourself to Live – 5:29
Cornucopia – 3:57
Snowblind – 4:46
Children of the Grave – 4:33
War Pigs – 7:36
Wicked World – 18:55
Paranoid – 3:14

Disc two (as indicated)

Hand of Doom – 8:25 (1970)
Hole in the Sky – 4:46 (1975)
Symptom of the Universe – 4:52 (1975)
Megalomania – 9:53 (1975)
Iron Man – 6:25 (1970)
Black Sabbath – 8:23 (1970)
N.I.B. – 5:31 (1970)
Behind the Wall of Sleep – 5:03 (1970)
Fairies Wear Boot – 6:39 (1970)

Here are some videos of Black Sabbath performing live in concert. These aren’t necessarily the versions on past Lives.

War Pigs 1970

Iron Man also from 1970

Black Sabbath (the song) from 1970.

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Is this a worthwhile addition to the Sabbath live albums collection or it is blatant commercialism to make some more money from the brand?

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