Aerosmith Live Bootleg 1978

Live Bootleg is a live album by Aerosmith recorded from concerts in 1977 and ’78 with two songs from a radio broadcast in 1973.

This represents the group after their first peak of success with the heavy metal/sleaze rock classic albums Toys In The Attic and Rocks which were strongly influenced by Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones.

Aerosmith Live Bootleg

Aerosmith Live Bootleg

Live Bootleg Set List

  1. Back in the Saddle – 4:25 (originally on the album Rocks)
  2. Sweet Emotion – 4:42 (Toys in the Attic)
  3. Lord of the Thighs – 7:18 (Get Your Wings)
  4. Toys in the Attic – 3:45 (Toys in the Attic)
  5. Last Child – 3:14 (Rocks)
  6. Come Together – 4:51 (cover of The Beatles song)
  7. Walk This Way – 3:46 (Toys in the Attic)
  8. Sick as a Dog – 4:42 (Rocks)
  9. Dream On – 4:31 (Aerosmith)
  10. Chip Away the Stone – 4:12 (first time recorded by Aerosmith)
  11. Sight for Sore Eyes – 3:18 (Draw the Line)
  12. Mama Kin – 3:43 (Aerosmith)
  13. S.O.S. (Too Bad) – 2:46 (Get Your Wings)
  14. I Ain’t Got You – 3:57 (1973)
  15. Mother Popcorn/Draw the Line – 11:35 (medley created from 1973 and 1978 performances – James Brown song & Draw the Line)
  16. Train Kept A-Rollin’/Strangers in the Night – 4:51 (Get Your Wings / ?)

The set list is drawn from many of Aerosmith’s early albums but it never really catches fire. Perhaps they’d have been better playing more from Toys In the Attic and Rocks.

I will be writing a longer review.

What Other People Say About Aerosmith Live Bootleg

This album has featured in a couple of best live albums lists:

Classic Rock    21    99

Amazon reviewers are very positive.


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What Do You Think About This Album?

This live album misfires and doesn’t capture the spirit of early Aerosmith for me. That’s a shame because of my love for live music but, if I want to hear this group, I tend to turn to Toys In The Attic first.

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2 thoughts on “Aerosmith Live Bootleg 1978”

  1. A great raw and honest live album. Wonderfully wasted Mama Kin, hectic Toys in the Attic and exhilarating Sweet Emotion. Then there’s Mother Popcorn….. this is rock n’ roll!

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