Alice Cooper The Alice Cooper Show 1977

The Alice Cooper Show is a live album by Alice Cooper recorded at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas in August 1977.

This is quite late in his career for his first live album and much of his success was in the early seventies.

Alice Cooper is a showman and any live album is going to fail to capture the full experience of his live shows because the “shock-rock” visual antics were such an important part of the entertainment.

The emphasis on death and dying is not to my tastes but he does have some great tunes.

The Alice Cooper Show

The Alice Cooper Show

The Alice Cooper Show Set List

  1. Under My Wheels – 2:35 (originally on the Killer album)
  2. I’m Eighteen – 5:00 (Love It To Death)
  3. Only Women Bleed – 5:57 (Welcome To My Nightmare)
  4. Sick Things – 0:59 (Billion Dollar Babies)
  5. Is It My Body – 2:36 (Love It To Death)
  6. I Never Cry – 2:46 (Alice Cooper Goes To Hell)
  7. Billion Dollar Babies – 3:18 (Billion Dollar Babies)
  8. Devil’s Food / The Black Widow – 5:52 (both on Welcome To My Nightmare)
  9. You And Me – 2:25 (Lace and Whiskey)
  10. I Love The Dead / Go to Hell / Wish You Were Here – 6:38 (Billion Dollar Babies / Alice Cooper Goes To Hell / Alice Cooper Goes To Hell)
  11. School’s Out – 2:39 (School’s Out)

The big problem with this live album is that it is too short at 38 minutes. There are many classic Cooper songs that are missing and as soon as it gets started, it ends. It would be nice to see this album extended with the full show, in the way The Who did with Live At Leeds.

This is a softer sound than you may expect from an Alice Cooper live album with more emphasis on the piano parts. Remember this comes after he broke up his original Alice Cooper band.

The band on this album were:

  • Alice Cooper – vocals
  • Steve Hunter – guitar
  • Dick Wagner – guitar, vocals
  • Prakash John – bass
  • Fred Mandel – keyboards
  • Whitey Glan – drums

The two guitarists played on the excellent Lou Reed live album Rock’n’Roll Animal.

Here is a video of Alice Cooper performing Schools Out live in 1977.

And a 1975 version of Only Women Bleed to show that Alice Cooper has a softer side to him.

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